What I Thought About Bridesmaids

So, even before Bridesmaids came out, I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that I wanted to see it.

I like Kristen Wiig best in small doses, but I think Maya Rudolph has a lot to offer,  I think Ellie Kemper is cute.   Plus – I love me some Wendi McLendon-Covey (I mean, I came as Clemmy one year for Halloween), and I think that if we were to meet in really life, Melissa McCarthy would be a good friend.  Plus, I love funny women.  Being funny myself, I want to support my sisters...

So, yeah – it seemed natural to see it.

I never did make it to the theaters to get it in.

And it’s been tough to get from our queue, so I finally RedBoxed it over the weekend.

Here’s what I thought.    I thought it was incredibly sad.

Hear me out…

So  Kristen Wiig’s character – Annie?  Jeez, I can’t even remember – but – her character is working in a jewelry store because she lost a lot of money opening a bakery during a recession.   HA!  HILARIOUS – money troubles and a dead-end job?  Pure comedy gold!  Her boyfriend dumped her when the business went under, and now she lives with two horrible roommates.

She sees this prick of a guy from time to time – and he’s really mean to her, and uses her.  Aren’t you laughing yet?

So her best friend, Lillian, gets engaged, and she starts falling apart.  I know, I can barely contain the chuckles, myself.

Now, not only does she feel like her best friend is moving on, but there’s this other woman, who you later learn is also really lonely and depressed – and she’s trying to horn in on Annie and Lillian’s relationship.   

So Annie’s vulnerability drive her to do crazier and crazier shit, until finally, she snaps and Lillian kicks her out of the wedding.

And because her self-esteem is so trashed, she ends up losing her job and running off a guy who treats her too nicely.

The nicest scene in the movie is when Megan, the groom’s sister, comes to see Annie and basically says, “I’m your friend, but I’m only going to start caring about you when you start caring about you.”

So, in the end, Annie rejoins the wedding party, gets to know and understand her nemesis, Helen, and the guy she drove off comes to see her and they ride off into the night together.

I actually cried more than I laughed.

So… that’s normal, right?

And yes, there were funny moments:

-          Annie getting incorrectly paired at the engagement party – twice.
-          Megan and the Air Marshal
-          Megan and the puppies
-          Megan, basically every time she appears on the screen
-          Annie’s blow job impersonation
-          Helen’s step kids
-          Lillian’s Dad
-          Annie and Lillian attempting to get free boot camp
-          Annie and the 13 year old at the jewelry store

I’m just saying.  I think I may have bought into the build-up on this one.

See also, Something About Mary, Knocked Up.

But not, inexplicably, Talladega Nights.