Remember that time we went to a party? That was awesome.

Great weekend.  Started out with a Friday night early bedtime, and grew into a whole bunch of fun.

I did some housework on Saturday AM, then went bra shopping, where I learned I am a freak of nature.  What else is new?  I didn't buy any bras as a protest of the fact that Soma underwhelmed me with their service/selection.  Thanks for the "fitting" though.  It confirmed exactly what I learned 15 minutes before with a tape measure and my own two hands at Macy's.

I texted my boss to see if he was in the mood for lunch, picked him up and we ate salads at Bread and Company.  Curried chicken salads, but still.

I came home, made some dishes to take to a party, got some beer, then got dressed.

My boss met us at the house, and the rest, I'll tell you photographically.

Since it was an Oktoberfest, Matt and I opted to bring it, Munchen style. Wish we'd taken a real photo but oh wells...

Here is a photo of me with a bottle of (root) beer in my ample bosom.  Don't I look cute?

Here's a blurry photo of Matt in his Tyrolean hat. Ausgezeichnet!

Me and my lady friends - Bethany, Natae and Erin.  A small harem?

I changed into street clothes after giving everyone a good look at my großen Brüsten.

My delightful bossman, James.
So, I was a designated drived - I stuck to diet Root Beer all night.  Yes, I was sober in every last picture.

Because of that, we ended up delivering a car down to Franklin this morning to my boss, then he, Matt and I hit up Chuy's for homemade tortillas and queso - nectar of the (Mayan) Gods.

After a late afternoon nap, I grocery shopped, hit up Subway for their $5 Anytober Foot Long Special, and I am now avoiding writing thank you notes to the people at the radio station...

But since I'm out of pictures... 


Time to write thank you notes.