Don't let the sun go down on your anger...

Yom Kippur begins at sundown tonight.

For those of you not in the know, it’s the Jewish Day of Atonement.  And it falls about a week and change after Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year.  Kind of like back-dated resolutions…kind of.

So, if you recall, I’ve done some atoning on this blog before.

And since it’s been two years, since my last atonement – forgive me Rabbi, for I have – well, not sinned, per se.  I’ve just been less than the best version of myself.

I  would like to once again atone for any neglect I may have perpetrated on Lola.  Including the fact that I kenneled her just this morning to run to Atlanta for the weekend.  Don’t worry, beasto – I’ll give you a warm bath and a home-cooked meal once we get home.

And speaking of home-cooked meals – would it kill me to get some fresh food in the house for my sweet husband?  The last few months have been hectic, but Man cannot live on Hot Pockets and overripe bananas alone.

For any of those times I came in late to work because I needed iced coffee or a Sonic run – I’m sorry.  I should never let my chronic need for caffeine morph into chronic tardiness.

Sorry for those few times I used all the hot water, landing me in hot water with the mister. 

I regret my overuse of the phrase “douchecanoe” when describing people.  Not that they weren’t being douchey, because chances are they were.  But I can use my words more effectively.  I’ll take suggestions for a replacement phrase.  Just to be clear:   douchecanoe > douchebag > “db”.

Still working on decreasing that debt.  And, with the Great Hair Cancer Debacle of 2011,  I managed to rack up a bit more.   You can safely assume I’ll be stimulating the economy for the next year.  Or seven.

I can say I’ve tried and mostly succeeded in my battle against the vicious, pernicious (and sadly, delicious) calorie.  Down nearly 47 pounds, and I’m looking to finish the year strong. I ask for forgiveness, though – as I was wasteful.  I bought slices of Publix cake, but ate only the icing.   Threw out perfectly good candy bars, half eaten.   To say nothing of leftovers in the fridge that went to waste and not to waist.
My bad, yo.

I could have done better about returning voicemail.  And for that matter, remembering to pull my out of office messages in a more timely manner.  Oopsie.

Again, that whole “lack of patience with colleagues” reared its ugly head this year.  But to be fair, three bosses in six months?  Losing my work husband to a different department and gaining in his place a little douchecanoe – er… feminine hygiene kayak of a co-worker?  Please.  PLEASE.  That said, I should atone.   Because though I’m paired with a guy who is built like a fire hydrant with a personality to match… I ended up with my new awesome boss, James.  Yay James.

I’d like to atone for not using Social Media to better more lives.  It has bettered mine, yes… but it has so much potential that I left untapped this year.

I wish I’d kept the house cleaner, the laundry under control.  I would like to have exercised more and spent less time on the interwebs.  I should have loved on my husband some more, written more thank you notes,  and accepted compliments more graciously.

Honestly, though – I think it’s only going to get better.  So what say I’ll just take another year to sand down the rough edges, and we’ll do this again next Yom Kippur.