To have one is to be one...

When I was in college, I read Elizabeth Berg’s Talk Before Sleep.  I’ve since read other things that she’s written, and have to say this is really her best.  I mention it because of a line near the beginning of the book when the protagonist is describing her friend:

Ruth has friends like other people have wardrobes. I mean that there's someone for every occasion.

And I remember thinking what a nice feeling that must be.

Well, it only took fifteen years, but I finally have a closetful of friends.

When I first moved to Nashville, the only friends I had here were the ones I inherited from my husband.  And that was great, but it wasn’t enough. 

I had fantasies where I’d be at a coffee shop and meet a nice group of ladies and they’d ask me to join their gang.

It never happened.

What did happen is that slowly, I started putting feelers out and making friends.

Rosie was first.  Rosie and I share a common enemy, similar political beliefs and a love of Project Runway.  

But  for a long time, Rosie was it.  And though I love her, she wasn't really enough.  You can't have a wardrobe of a single evening gown...

And then, I started a new job.  And for some reason, this job, and the people here spoke to me. Both literally and emotionally.

And I started making friends.  Lots and lots of friends.

In fact, I learned that I’m kind of a social person.  I still have anxiety, but the fact is – my social life in Nashville is booming.  Last night, I went to a killer party at the Parthenon because a friend had an extra ticket.  I had lunch with pals yesterday, there’s another lunch on tap for today.   And then, next weekend, an Oktoberfest, and in November – I’m going to see Wicked.  In December, Arlo Guthrie.

Having a life is kind of awesome.


I love this post. Most of my wardrobe is scattered in closets all over the country, so I envy you. Also, I'm kind of a bitch, so I don't go out much. :)