It was the best of times, it was of times, actually.

Tomorrow, I turn 37.  I have to be honest – I can’t believe I’m this old.  I swear to you that I was just seventeen like, last week.  Only, as it turns out, that was 20 years ago.

Did you know that my lucky number is 36?  It is.  And I’m living proof.  With that, I think I’ll sum up my 36th year  -  just so I can look back fondly.

So, to be honest, I barely remember my birthday.  I honestly don’t remember anything about it.  I do know that I had a party at the house about a week before.  Beyond that, it’s a blur.  Did we go out to dinner?  I don’t recall.  Even my blog from last year doesn’t reveal much:  Hippo birdies!

We spent Thanksgiving with Mom and Dad – we were supposed to hit the Mountains, and we did – for a few minutes.  The water was off, so we ended up packing it up and celebrating in Roswell.  That was a long weekend in every sense of the word.

I got to go to Portland for training the first week of December.  There I sampled Voodoo Donuts (with bacon), got my own model turbine and had fun with a ton of folks.

Christmas was quick and dirty – and two days later, we celebrated Dad’s 70th birthday. I also had a good time seeing my old OM coach and teammates.

We rang in the new year at The 5 Spot in East Nashville -  Roaring 20s style!

On January 5th, I walked into Weight Watchers.  Again.  I wasn’t immediately fond of my leader, the group or not eating copious amounts of bad food, but I got into the swing of things.

February – a trip to Peoria, IL. Yep.  That's the highlight.

In March, my  world got rocked as I moved out of the support team and into client services.  Same job, new department, new boss.  We also went to a Totally 80s Sweet Sixteen party for Matt's cousin.

April and May?  A blur.  Something must have happened, but who can say what?  Oh – wait – I won the Weight Loss Challenge at the office.  Hands down!  Oh, and I think that’s when I headed to Philadelphia.

And then, in June, another new boss - my much beloved new boss James - he's awesome.  And a trip to the dermatologist. Not awesome. 

July brought my election to the board of the Soque Club.  Amazing, really.  I also threw another fun party for the 4th of July.

And after that another trip to the dermatologist…diagnosis: pilomatrical carcinoma.  I had a piece of scalp removed and kept on keeping on. 

We celebrated Matt’s 37th birthday and our 6th anniversary.    I got bumped on a flight and ended up spending a night in Reston, VA.  And I took a trip to Texas.  Or two?  No, just one.  I also went to St. Louis.

And my scalp healed.

Our department came together for a Summit in August, and then in September, a blue-ribbon win at the State Fair, a party to end all parties and the User Conference.

And my scalp healed.

In late September, I made my radio debut on Allison-FM.   Sweet! 

And my scalp healed.

I went to dinner with friends, partied like a rock star and spent time in the mountains in September and October.

And my scalp healed.   And finally, it healed up altogether.  And I went back to Water Aerobics.

And that more or less brings me here.

So you know – it’s been kind of a great year.   Lots of new friends, lots of new experiences (I mean, even the hair cancer was a new experience).  I weigh about 45 pounds less than I did this time last year.  I look and feel awesome.

Can 37 possibly top it?  We’ll find out starting tomorrow.


Happy (early) Birthday! I remember 37 being a good year - bought a house, settled a lawsuit, went on a cruise. May you do at least one of those things in the coming year! Maybe not the lawsuit one, though.