Creepy, Kooky, Mysterious, Spooky

So, despite my advanced age, I had not one, but two Halloween costumes this year.

Submitted for your approval.    Here's me at work today as a turkey vulture (aka buzzard).  I am hovering over my friend Colby, who came as road kill.  Sadly, because of the angle of the photo, it looks like I'm about to grab his carrot, if you will.  While dozen of co-workers watch, arms crossed in hostility.

Hippity, hoppity motherfluffer!

Here's a group photo that gives a better view where I don't appear to be molesting anyone:

The pink crayon is a little dirty, even though it's completely innocent.  I know, I know...

It should be duly noted that Colby and I won best duo, even though we did not plan our costumes together and only decided to team up as we were walking into judging.

And on Saturday, this was me as a Day of the Dead lady.  I think it was a good effort, but maybe a little high concept - and the makeup was a disaster.  Plus, my hombre was home with a cold, so I was partnerless...

I might want to look into both teeth and eyeball whitening services.

And, while not a costume, per se, here's me, Natae and Erin at the ALS Walk.  I include it because my bandana has candy corn and skeletons on it.  And because I need sunglasses, and because it makes me look reasonably thinner than I did a year ago.

The one without shades is standing in direct sun.  Nice.

Tomorrow - I don my final costume, of sorts tomorrow night.

Jim,  James and I are heading to TPAC to go see Wicked.  I found a fun little dress at the Goodwill for $7.99 - it's velvet, but not too formal (from Old Navy).  I'll put a bling necklace with it and pray I don't look too dumb.  Or overdressed.  James is wearing a blazer and a pocket square, but no tie.  Jim is wearing jeans and a button-down.  I'll be overdressed, won't I?  Crap.

I haven't dressed up like a grown up in too long.  It's far less painful to look goofy intentionally than to give it your best shot and end up looking goofy as a misstep.

But at least I'll take pictures.