She sings the songs that remind her of the better times...

 The problem with having a lot of exciting events come all at once is that when they’re over, they’re over.  And if you’re like me, you have that whole “post event let-down”.  See also, January 2nd of every year.

If you saw my last post, you can intuit that it all began on the 9th.  I won at the State Fair, we had a party at the house the next day, I recovered on Sunday and then Monday, hit the ground running with our User Conference.  Four days – I trained a full day, and taught four sessions throughout the week.  I ended each day socializing, and started all over again early every morning.

And then Friday evening, I went out with my favorite peeps and painted day of the dead skeletons, drank wine and laughed.  Mostly, I laughed.

And then I woke up Saturday morning, depressed.  My boss is back at his home office for the week, several of my friends are on PTO or traveling for work, and I’m back into the day-to-day training, paperwork and all the boring little things that make up an eight hour work day.

So, I need to find some bright spots in the dull…

Well,  I have a birthday coming up – but a minor one in the canon of importance – Halloween is coming – and we have a party to go to.

Tomorrow, we’re having an International Potluck at the office – but only a handful of people have signed up.  I’m bringing Jamaican Jerk Pork.  I bought the Walker Wood sauce at the Farmers Market yesterday.  There's a company meeting next week, and Flu Shots...

I’m trying to win a contest where I run a radio station for a day.  I think my chances are as good as anyone else who entered.  It would be pretty amazing.

I guess that in absence of big things to be excited about, it’s the dozens and dozens of little things that get us through a day, a week, a month, a year.

I’m still feeling a little down.  But as my friends Chumbawumba would tell you, “I get knocked down, but I get up again.  And they’re never going to keep me down.”

Pissin’ the night away,