Can I get that engraved on card stock?

So, I sent an e mail last night to some friends, inviting them to the house for a party on Saturday.  Because I think it's pretty funny, I'll share it with you.  If you're reading this and will be in the neighborhood, you should stop by:


All summer I've been threatening to have people to the house, and since summer is fading fast, I needed to hop to it.

So with that in mind:

Who:  You, and her, and him and them.

What:  A shindig (because calling it a party makes my anxiety flare up big time).

When: Saturday, say sixish?

Where: House of Matt and Allison - Nashville, TN.  If you can get to Mafiaoza's, you can get here.

Why:  There are so many reasons... mostly because Matt and I really want to.  Also, because I like you, and therefore want to feed you.  Plus, it's just the incentive I need to clean house (that said, don't scrutinize my efforts too closely).

How: Casually.  I cannot stress this enough.  If you arrive overdressed, I'm sending you to the nearest Goodwill for a pair of cutoffs.

What else:  So, since it's starting to cool off a little, I'll put together some chili with assorted toppings, a green salad to keep me honest, and something sweet, because I want to.  As for adult beverages, we have enough Trader Joe's red wine to go around, and some assorted hard liquor.  Probably a little beer, too.  But I definitely don't mind if your tastes are so specific or copious that they compel you to BYOB.   We have plenty of Tito's vodka in the freezer if you want to go crazy.  We also live near several establishments that sell beer and other malt beverages in convenient 40 ounce serving sizes.

The house is equipped with a large TV and a generous, but not ridiculous cable subscription (HD, yes - HBO, no).  Meaning, if you can't tear yourself away from the game, the game will be here for you.  We also record Project Runway, if you need to catch up.

The house is also equipped with a dog.  Her name is Lola and she is 12.  Do not give her any vodka, now matter how much she begs.  And oh, how she will beg.

Now what:  Although it's a casual gathering, it would be helpful to know if you'll be here so I can panic more efficiently.   Also, while I'd like to invite everyone at the office, I have a small house, plus - I don't know everyone by name and how awkward would that be?  So, I'd ask for your discretion in discussing this soiree publicly.

Questions?  Let me know.