We'll be singing, when we're winning...

So, the house is kind of a mess.

During our meetings yesterday, I jotted down a note of 21 things I needed to do this weekend - or else.

I conveniently left that list at the office.  Nice!

But I remember a few of the items, and I've already completed one - wash and medicate Lola.

Now, I need to recreate a facsimile of that list and get cracking.

I hate housework.  I haven't ever liked it, and I don't know that I ever will.  But, there are drifts of dog hair covering over most of the corners, there's a ton of free-range laundry, etc.

I really need to make one final attempt at jelly, because while both batches have certainly jelled, they're at a softer state than I need them.

I also really need to dial back my eating.  I've been like a woman possessed and I need to detox, get some fruits and veggies in, get the sugar monkey off my back and pound some water.

So.  Time to get to gettin'.