Vanity, sanity.

I. am. so. sick. of. wearing. head. scarves.

I broke down and headed to JoAnn's today and bought some material to cover the gaping chasm in my scalp.

I can't get my hair clean, because of the Vaseline that gets slathered onto the dressing I use to contain the aforementioned wound.

So, as a result, I look like a skanky Mennonite.

And I used to think it didn't matter - but after a month in scarves and bandanas, I'd give anything for a nice, clean, big hair day.

I'm so depressed.  Tomorrow I have to train some customers at Coca-Cola Bottling Company, with a head rag.  The next day, I have to give an overview of the three products I train on to my entire department (roughly 40 colleagues).  With a head rag.

In a few weeks, I'll be presenting at my company's User Conference - three days of training and sessions.

In... a head rag.

I may have to start spending a little more money on scarves.

The material I got at JoAnn's isn't bad, but...

I just feel kind of over it.

And we're getting a little bit of that manky smell back.

A greasy, smelly, depressed, skanky businesswoman.

Kind of like this:

Today, we'll cover administrative function,  and Pogroms.