Time heals all wounds. No, really.

So, the manky head smell has either cooled down a little - or, and I'm not ruling it out - I'm just smell-blind to it.

Which is a nod to Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story.   A hilarious movie that may have been overlooked a bit.  It's freaking great.  It also features Tim Meadows, who is just not getting enough work.

That guy has an automatic role when they film the story of my life.  Even if I have to make up a character for him.  Call me, Tim.

It also features the speaker of the "smell-blind" line, Margo Martin, who was also amazing in Paris, Je T'Aime.  Note to self - get that in the queue... we need to see that again.

Sadly, Matt and I don't seek out the same types of movies.  I could subsist on comedies and feel-good romps.  Matt likes a challenge.  He likes walking out at the end of the movie not knowing exactly what happened, and that drives me nuts.

I couldn't tell you the last movie we saw in a first run theatre.  I'll exclude our local art house cinema, The Belcourt, because their first runs are limited release.   They play a lot of older stuff, a lot of foreign films.  I am most definitely going to see Jack Nicholson portray Billy "Badass" Buddusky in The Last Detail in two weeks.

If you have not seen this movie, get it on your queue, buy it, rent it - bootleg it for all I care.  But if you want to see a young, pre-crazy Randy Quaid blow your mind with his excellence, and you want to see Jack Nicholson basically play himself (in his early career), you have to see this movie.

It's one of my father's favorites, and he has seen a lot of movies.

To that end, we saw another vintage Nicholson vehicle the other night - "Five Easy Pieces".  See, again, I would have liked it to have a feel-goodier ending, but it was pretty great.  Plus, it's nice to get the origin of holding the chicken salad between your knees, which is, let's face it - CLASSIC.

I mean really - I give Jack a hard time for just being himself in everything he does, but let's face it - if you're Jack Nicholson - is that really such a bad thing?

See how I managed to reframe my negative head wound post into something a little feel-goodier?

Bravo Yankee, Bravo Yankee...