The Pitch

So, I have an idea for a reality show. 

It's a cross between Temptation Island, The Apprentice and The Bachelorette.

We'll call it "Company Ink".

The "game" takes place in an office - the company's purpose is twofold -  it will be a working, profitable business, but it will be filled with attractive, single young professionals  - interested in mergers of business and pleasure.

If you decide you want to pair off with someone exclusively, you can - but you'll have to leave the show.  If you don't connect with anyone in the office, you'll be given written and verbal warnings - if you can't step it up, you'll be pink-slipped.

And the thing is - there's never a winner.  You could keep this going for years - rotating in new employees as you have turnover.

And the business would have to be operational.  And if you made it something do-goodery, so much the better.  A non-profit eliminating childhood hunger?  A company that manufactures materials for wind farms?

The possibilities are endless.  So, ABC - call me - this has promise.