I decided enough with the headscarves.  Enough!  If I can manage to pull it off, it's headbands from this point forward.

But not just any headbands.  I headed (ha, ha) to Charming Charlie's tonight where I scoured the store for big obnoxious flowery headbands.  Big bows - lots of fluff.

And $37 later, I walked out with three headbands - teal, black and gray.  And two cloth hair bands (don't ask the difference, it doesn't matter), one black, one navy paisley.

And I still hate the way I look.

Oh well.

I also seem to think that the peroxide I've been using to clean the wound, may be discoloring my hair on that side.  It could have been the lighting at CC's, but what are the odds.

I'm tabling my concern over that until the large crater in my skull fills in.

Which.  Whatever.

On a better note, I'm planning a get together here at the house.  I don't know what I'm cooking, and that's disconcerting, but you know - we do what we can.

And what I can do is throw a party, which will certainly lift my spirits.

Champagne JAM!!!