Oh, snap!

So, this has been a whirlwind of a week.  Monday... I don't even remember.  Tuesday, I spent the day at Coca-Cola Bottling Company training the nicest group of people - they fed me, got me a cold Coke Zero and gave me tons of swag.

I left there and met colleagues for dinner - I sat between two very boring people, and watched my charming boss have fun at the end of the table.  We met up after dinner and talked though.

Wednesday, our department's summit started, and I was the third of three trainers to give a 1 hour product overview.  I NAILED IT.  I was engaging, I was relevant, I was charming and funny and knowledgeable.  I was riding high!

We had some breakout sessions where we met in smaller groups to talk about what's working and what isn't, and I had a good group, with my old boss as the leader, and I really, really, really like her.

Then I went to weigh in.  Up.  And up by 2.6 pounds.  Which... OK, I'd been eating fried and greasy food, lots of sweets and so on for a week.  Plus, I was in clothes I don't normally wear to weigh in.

And effective right here and now I am back on track, bitches!

Anyway - I met the team at Arrington Vineyard where we drank a little, ate good food and talk a lot.

And I had some crucial face-time with my boss.

He's just fun to hang with.  I talked to lots of different people.  One slightly drunk colleague confided that my presentation had been the best.

I felt good.

Today, I took rum balls in to the Company Bake Sale to benefit ALS.  We also had music - and I sang Sweet Caroline with one of my friends' husband.

Yeah, it's time to put down the fried bologna sandwiches and walk away.  Like... now. 

It was a good day.

And yes, I did some real actual work, too.

It was awesome.

PS - The Coke folks sent an e mail thanking them for sending me because I had done a great job.

PPS - Remind me of this post the next time I bitch about work.

PPPS - Even the head rags worked out pretty well.  At least, in my mind.