It only hurts when I'm happy...

Back at work after a weekend of domestic bliss.

I made peach butter - which is exactly like apple butter, only with peaches.  My house smelled like the inside of a Varsity Fried Pie all weekend:

You need to get to North Avenue, Atlanta GA  - STAT!  

 I also put up some curtains in our bedroom, in lieu of doors on our closet.  It's a long story, but it was high time we did something, and I'm so glad we did.

Naturally, I hit the Farmers Market.  I washed my hair, I took some naps.  I watched Blazing Saddles, ate some Chinese food, and generally enjoyed myself.

I also cleaned out the Mud Room.  It was... a disaster, but I've happily brought order to it.

Yeah, I have a mud room.  I also have a Butler's Pantry.  And three full bathrooms, but only one and a half bedrooms.

The half bedroom is what we also call The Annex (special thanks to my sister and Anne Frank), as it's located in the attic, and really only tenable as a living space 6 months out of the year.  Cold weather is fine, but hot weather is loathesome.

Our house was built in 1930, and it has issues.  I love it, but really - sometimes it's a pain in the arse.

Anyway, our mudroom was looking sad.  I want to get some shelf paper for it, but that could possibly wait.

Now... this time tomorrow, we'll be gearing up for suture removal.  I'm not sure what exactly is getting removed.  Is it the gauze bolster?  The whole enchilada?  I'll know tomorrow, and frankly, I'm stoked.

Thankfully, I went sans scarf this morning,  and that seems to work.  I had a tall friend assure me that the gauze was hidden by hair. I kind of liked the scarf because it kept me feeling pulled together.

Now, as for the pain.

It's not entirely painful, except when it is.

It seems to have jarred the right side of my face loose - my nose is running, sinuses draining, eyes watering.  But only on the right side. Excellent.  I'm also feeling some referred pain, and some occasional tingling in the scalp.

Of course, when I smile, or raise my eyebrows, or furrow them?  Paaaain.

So, nothing needs to be funny or surprising or confusing for the next couple of days.

I'm terrified to sneeze.

But this too shall pass.

Scabbily Yours,