I smell sex and candy.

Me and my better half will be celebrating tomorrow – our Sixth Anniversary.  I’m happy to say that so far, marriage suits me.

I have come out of my shell so much in six years. I was so painfully shy...
It feels like it hasn’t been six whole years, but at the same time, so much has happened since we got married six years ago.

That said, it’s a good weekend to get things done.  Like – remake pepper jelly.  And sweep up massive piles of dog hair.

Which are decidedly not romantic pursuits.  But having a clean, livable sanctuary sounds kind of…hot.  So vacuum, sweep, wash the dog, fold some towels.

I have to tell you, I’m having some pretty serious fatigue.  My trip to Oswego runneth over.  Our flight from IAD to BNA took off and the emergency lights went on as soon as we were airborne. Electrical failure.  Woot.  They turned us around and we were ushered back into the terminal.   Eventually, they canceled the flight, and finally, at 2AM, I was safely in a strange hotel sending a message to the boss to let him know I’d be in a little later than expected in the morning.  I got three hours sleep.

Suffice it to say, I it's two days later, but I am still exhausted.  I tried to catch up on some sleep, and I’ll continue to do so this weekend, but I hit a deficit, and I can’t seem to overcome it.

I’m going for drinks with amigos from work tonight.  One of my favorites is getting married, and we’re celebrating with him and his sweet bride.

I’ve been invited to the Wilson County Fair for a demolition derby as well.

Nothing says Happy Sixth Anniversary like metal on metal aggression.

Because Six is iron after all.

That and candy.

Raisinettes – candies that are chock-full of iron.  Chunky, too.  I love Chunky.


Yeah, I may need a little sleeparoo.


Congratulations! Who designates these anniversaries, anyway? Iron, really? Next year hold out for zinc.