Fiesta! Forevah!

So, here I am in Oswego, NY.


Here I am:

That's me, in front of Rudy's Fish House, recommended to me by one of the Mohs Surgeons at Vanderbilt, who grew up here.

I ate fried food for dinner.  And it was delicious.  I mean really, delicious.   To say nothing of the view - I sat at a picnic table watching Lake Ontario.  It was amaaaaaazing.

I'm driving a Fiesta - it's super cute. And sporty, and fun.

I wore a scarf on the plane today, and I hope it didn't scare anyone.  Since I'm whiter than white, I don't think anyone assumes I'm anything other than a girl with no fashion sense.

And that is a fair assumption.

I ate too much, I'm over-fried, over-greased.  I feel like garbage.

And I need to get to training in the morning, and heaven knows I am not feeling it.

Maybe I should map it now, while I'm thinking about it...