Ain't nothing going to break my...stride?

So, the mister and I watched a movie last night called Cedar Rapids - not a bad, quick, silly little movie featuring Ed Helms, who I've enjoyed watching since he was a correspondent on The Daily Show.  He's an Atlantan, as am I.  We're roughly the same age - he's about nine months older.

But he's in movies, I train people how to use software.

It's the little differences...

Point being, at the end of the movie, a song called "Break My Stride" started playing, and I sang along.

Except for years and by that I mean until yesterday, I thought the lyrics were:

Ain't nothing gonna break my spine
Nobody's gonna slow me down
Oh no, I've got to keep on moving

So imagine my chagrin when Matt started laughing and pointed out my inability to process shitty 80s music lyrics.

Oh well - it kind of makes sense both ways.

I'd rather have my stride broken of the two.

A good weekend, all in all.  I got a lot of the 21 items on my list done, or pretty close to it.

I cooked an outstanding dinner tonight - seriously, the kind of meal that should win me a new car or something.

Ok, not really - grilled veggie skewers, grilled turkey kielbasa and boiled new potatoes.  Low fat, high fiber, plenty of protein.

The only downside, if you would call it that - is that I smell like a Weber Grill.  I'm also a little itchy, so I'm about to go clean out my scalp crater, get a bath and shave my legs, and possibly make a little air-popped corn...because I can.

And because I'm still a little hungry.  It happens.

And that, I think...well, that's about all for now.

Nobody gonna slow me down.  I got to keep a movin'.