What's eating me?

So, among the many pleasures of travel is the ability to watch crappy television in a strange town.  Last night, I got sucked into a show called Extreme Makeover  - Weight Loss Edition - where a 498 pound Nashville man got a trainer to commit a year to him to cut his weight in half.  Lots of good Nashville footage.

The trainer kept trying to play shrink and get at WHY this man had let it get so bad.  And I said aloud to an empty room, "Molested.  Closeted gay man."  And sure enough, 15 minutes into the program we find out he was sexually abused as a kid.

And 45 minutes in, at the age of 44, the man comes out for the first time to his trainer.

Nailed it.

So, let's ask Allison...

No, I was never molested, and I'm not gay.

I also never got to 498 pounds.

But, I think I eat to cope with stress, and I have high anxiety.

The anxiety, I believe comes from abandonment issues stemming back to when I was in utero and didn't want to be born.

Kicked out of the womb too soon...

Hell, I don't know - I know I'm an emotional eater, and that I use it, like I use my sense of humor,  as armor.

But the good news is, Nashville Man lost his weight, came out to his family and is currently living happily ever after.

And even though tomorrow is going to be the Weigh in from Hell, I can have my happily ever after too...

But please, don't make me carry 50 pounds of ribs and Hawaiian Punch across the pedestrian bridge while a homeless man taunts me.

Yeah, love me some crappy TV.

Also, damn it's good to be home.




Emotional eating? Using your sense of humor as armor? Never heard of it. But ribs and Hawaiian punch... I can get behind that.