Songs that remind us of the better times...

Weigh-in Wednesday - down another 1.2 pounds, which, given everything I indulged in this past week, makes me happy.  It's like I told another member tonight, even your bad choices now are way better than your bad choices before.

Remind me of that the next time I start whining.

So, I'm at 33 pounds, and just thisclose to hitting a personally significant goal.  A weight with a 1 as the first number.

Don't do the math.  Don't judge, I beg you.  I was fat, I am now less fat, but still fat.  I am working on it.

For what it's worth, I had no idea how it got that bad.

Unless it was eating to a point of pain every day for the majority of a five year timespan.


And a sedentary lifestyle to boot?  Yahtzee!

Work is interesting at the moment - we have people in sales trying to circumvent the system, and that is annoying.  But my boss (still Denise for now) is on top of it, and isn't taking any shit.

Love it.

And that's really all there is for now.  Time to take Lola out, then bed.