Mercy, mercy me.

I'm ending out the weekend in domesticity.  Laundry to wash, more of it to put away.  Dinner to cook, pepper plants to put in the ground...

Wait, what's that?  I know I haven't said much about it, but of course you know I intend to make pepper jelly again this year.  Aside from entering into the State Fair and winning a blue ribbon, I don't know what I'll do with it - they restructure the company so often, I've been everyone's teammate this year.  Maybe I'll be calculated and really only give it to those people I like.  Start sucking

I don't even really want to talk about work at the moment, except to say, I am going to be traveling a little this month and next.  Russellville, Kentucky tomorrow.  Then in June, St. Louis and Dallas.  I must be the luckiest woman in the world.  There are some changes on the horizon.  I'll assume they're good until proven otherwise, and for now, that's all I can or will say.

Meanwhile, our weekend was pretty chill.  Saturday started out with a visit from Hiller Plumbing - we learned Friday morning that the hot water heater was kaput.  Bummer.  Now we're back in business and it only cost us a bunch of money.

Last night, we went out, had a little Chick-Fil-A, went to Borders and REI and capped it off with some non-fat frozen yogurt.  It was so good, I want it again.  I have missed ice cream.  I'm on track for a really good week at the WW.  It's needed.  I'm ready to see more progress.  I did not hit any classes over the weekend, but in fairness, I went to Thursday night Zumba with Lorenza (did not like), and I'm hitting Carrie's class again tomorrow.

Oh, and by the way, I'm sure you knew from reading this, I wasn't Raptured, but there was no real danger there anyway.

Lola and I are waiting for Matt to get back from his bike ride - he's going to till my garden - aka The HOT Zone, and I'm grilled steaks.

Life isn't bad, really.



There are some great frozen yogurt places in Dallas when you're here!