Lap of Luxury

Well, I'll start by telling you, I won the fitness challenge.  By the hair on my chinny chin-chins.  That said, I don't consider the case closed until I have the $250 in my hand.

Initially, Colby didn't place.  Which, as we know, is insane - he lost 27 pounds and 4% bodyfat.

Our CTO, a small man to start with, lost 17 pounds, and since it was a percentage game, he came in first of the guys.  I came in first among the girls, and there was a Coloradoan who came close to me, but I edged her out by a half percentage point, or so.

Which, since she only lost 10 pounds and is bigger than me to start, tells me something is rotten.

They rechecked the numbers and put Colby in 2nd place among the men.  Now, we are still waiting to hear from the judges about Paul, who ranked after Colby, but didn't make the list.  Two guys with lower scores, did.

Something's rotten in Denmark.  So you can see why I hesitated to post.  Plus, as I said, the money hasn't appeared yet...

Also, I lost at WW on Wednesday; 0.2 pounds.   I was glad to get it.

Now, on to better news, and that is to say, I am planning on spending a little money today by getting a massage.  A nice one.  Fancy.  Spa showers, sauna, robes.  Eeeeee!

Matt is shooting all weekend at the Opryland Hotel, and I've been staying with him intermittently and enjoying the amenities the hotel has to offer.  Including a 7PM appointment at Relache Spa, where I'll be getting the Swedish massage. Yeeeeahh!

Much deserved, although I hate to spend the money.  Let's be real, though.  It's not as if I don't deserve a little "atta girl" for all I've done this year.  I'm also entitled to a discount as a "local" so it's not as bad as it could be.

Still, I feel a little guilty for being so indulgent.

But, I'm sure as soon as my ass hits the massage table, I'll feel differently.

I hope.

Either way - no cancellation for same-day appointments, so... oops - looks like I'm getting a massage!

In other news, I am getting a new boss.  Denise's plate is too full, and since it's just me and Jim, we're going to now report to James. Which is equally awesome.  I love them both.

Aaaaand, as it turns out, James, having lived in Atlanta and being a creative person, and Allison, having also lived in and Atlanta and being creative, have some friends in common through improv.  Now tell me that's not super cool!

Love it!

Life is good.  Massages, prizes, adulation, bosses...

Now, I need to rest up for my relaxing evening.

Peace out!