hot shot

OK, so - as I believe you know, I was dealing with severe unilateral cankleage yesterday, and heroic efforts with ice, elevation, drugs and sleep did little to ameliorate the situation.

So I wore Birkenstocks to work, finished my first training of the day and snuck over to the doctor's office.  Without my Kindle.  Dumbass.  I read every palatable magazine - not easy considering they only have Mom's Fun Times Whirlycake Monthly and Dude Sports Mag for Dudes.  I don't fall into either category.

Two hours after I arrived, I left.  They pronounced it a severe allergic reaction, shot my left buttock full of steroid and send me on my way.

I stopped at Sonic for a Grilled Cheese and Tots Kids' Meal.  Wacky Packs, they call them.  I usually go with apple slices, but I threw half the tots out the window in my mile drive back to the office - sort of a modern day Hansel and Gretel.   So, I could have done worse.  I also ate some animal crackers.

Then I did my second training class, and hit up the string cheese.

I blame the steroids.

No, I blame my stress at having been at the doctor for TWO HOURS during a work day.  But I don't think anyone is any the wiser.  Aside from which, I still pulled two full sessions, and made calls and came out smelling like a rose.

A swollen, 'roid-addled rose.

Aside from which, we're a safety/health company.  It would look bad for their Star LSMS Trainer to have a bloody stump in place of a foot and ankle.  It's just bad business. 

Oh, and speaking of bad business.  I was finally able to tell one of the managers who is pulling some puppet strings that I know he's doing it - and I didn't have to betray a source to do it.  I said it as he was leaving, and I'd like to think he'll lose a little sleep over my obvious disapproval of his machinations.

He won't.  But that's fine.  I got my licks in.

Life is good.  Swollen, a little sweaty.

But good.

PS - Would it have killed someone at the doctor's office to notice my significant weight loss?  I'm so vain.  I bet I think this blog is about me, don't I? Don't I?