Hi, anxiety!

I don't know if I have mentioned it recently, but I'm kind of an anxious person.  No, really.

So a lot of this manifests in my dreams, and the most recent standard anxiety dream I've added to the roster is Sorority Rush.

I've ended up back at the Sigma Kappa house, and whether I'm my actual age or college age in the dream, I haven't been there in awhile.  I haven't paid dues, I have a pile of mail waiting for me, a list of things I need to know, do and understand, and nobody wants me living with them - because even though I don't know them, they seem to know me.  And they don't like me.

And I have nothing to wear, and the room I'm assigned to is a mess - not just disorganized, but literally like a disaster hit it.

Last night, in a variation on a dream, they sent me out dressed in a Zeta Tau Alpha sweatshirt to sabotage that house. 

Sometimes, I'm planning rush parties for an entire campus worth of sororities and can't find the M&Ms in the right color.  And in the dream, I'm in the dream trying to remember whose colors are which.

So maybe I feel a little anxious.

But why this?  Why not weigh-in dreams, or the losing teeth dreams or the ones where I'm at an airport, or getting to an airport, and I can't read the schedule, or I don't speak the language and I'm running late?

I'm just saying.

I might need to stop spending time at http://www.totalfratmove.com.

So, yeah.

Also, I got a pedicure this evening - Opi's "One El of a Color" - it's cute.  I liked my old color better, but what can you do?

Meanwhile, weigh-in tomorrow and I'm cautiously optimistic. 

The problem is, though - I'm hungry - constantly.  How is that even possible?  I think it may go back to anxiety.

Well, at least everything comes full-circle - even if just in the blogosphere.