Assorted and Sordid

I want to throw a party.  I don't have an occasion, but I want people to come to the house and I want to feed them.  I think it's because I can't eat all I want to.

I have cake on the brain in a big way - huge.  I'm watching a cupcake competition on Food Network, and I don't even like them that much.  At all.  Just saying.

I've had a few days where I got beat up by customers, and I'm kind of over it.  I just need a cold bath, I need something sweet and decadent to get a sweet taste back in my mouth.  And a sweetness back in my disposition.

They sent me to Kentucky yesterday, and the ride up and back was the highlight.  I saw dozens of red wing blackbirds.  Plus a blue heron, and plenty of livestock.

But the actual customer visit kicked me in the teeth.  So when I got back to Nashville, I worked the rest of the day from the house, and I sat on the deck with Lola, WiFied it til 5, the planted my peppers, took a nap and went to Zumba.

I was feeling so cute, looking good, thinking I was getting so thin... and then, I'm standing on the front row in between this gal who looked like an anorexic ballerina, and on the other side, Jessica Alba's body double.  I mean, crap.  Really?

And for the rest of the hour I flailed like a blind troll with a hornet's nest in my bra.  It was macabre.

It was also a really good workout.  

Did I mention a woman who was nine months pregnant was on the other side of Ann O'Rexia?  She was smoking my ass.

It's always nice to have your ego stomped by youth.

The cicadas are out in droves.  They're making me insane.

And that's about all I can say.

Mostly because the laptop is getting hot, and also, Glee is on.

Yeah... I like it, it's dumb, but sweet.