Thanks for the Memories

I started this blog three years ago, yesterday.   With this post right here.  

I just wanted to point out that three years ago today, Dad had his quadruple bypass.   I’m still grateful to Dr. Cohen for getting the ball rolling, to his surgeons Drs. Rudisill and Snyder, and to a plethora of nurses, clinicians, techs and that lovely rabbi who sang a blessing for my father.  I also got to meet the Crown Prince of Endocrinology, Victor Silverman, MD.  If I were casting the role of God in a  Biker Movie – I’d cast Dr. Silverman.  Who didn't know he was Crown Prince til I told him the day Dad was release from St. Joe's.  Whoops.

Dad is doing pretty well, all things said and done.  His balance is a little iffy sometimes, he has had a few rough patches, but he’s here to tell the tale, and that’s more than I’d have hoped for three years ago.

My father, clowning sideways.

Matt, Lola and I had the pleasure of spending a weekend with him, Mom and the pugs, and I’m grateful for it.

I’m generally grateful.  I have love, health, a sense of purpose and some cute clothes to wear. 

And really, does it get any better?

I doubt it.