Something's Up

I came home tonight, walked the Lola, fed her, and then started dinner.

And then I found Lola in our bedroom standing between two large piles of vomit (her own, thankfully) , looking very confused.

I got her away from it, handled it at length, and eventually ate dinner.  My appetite being somewhat less than it had been.  These things happen.

I figured she'd eaten too fast, or eaten something weird...although, she got sick in the mountains too, so I don't know.

Anyway, later as I was cleaning up dinner, I gave her a few noodles, no sauce.  They didn't stay down either.

I'll see how the morning goes, and if she can't keep down some breakfast, we'll head to the vet.  I don't have training tomorrow, so if I came in late, it wouldn't be the end of the world...although, I wonder if New Boss understands my co-dependent relationship with the dog.

So, I've done research, and it would seem to me that Lola could have any number of things wrong.  Cushing's Disease seems possible.   Likely, even.

I just worry.  Life without Lola is inevitable at some point,  but I'm not ready.  Not that I ever could be.

She and I are staying upstairs tonight to mitigate any damage that she could do.  Assuming we can stay up there.  Tornadic activity approacheth.

I just hope that this is a minor pothole and not the Grand Canyon.