Show Your Work

Ok, so my Fitness Challenge Results are in - down 25.4 pounds, and down 2.8% in body fat.

The winners...well they still haven't been named because a handful of people haven't weighed in yet.  WHAT??? Yeah, I was annoyed, too.  No it's not fair, and yes, I politely complained about it.

But, I think unless something goes horribly awry, I took first in the Women's Category.  One colleague allegedly lost 10% of her fat, but only 3 pounds.  Let's say that she weighs 120 pounds - and that's a stretch because this gal has tits aplenty and is easily 5'8", but it's a good number to play with - well, 12 pounds would be 10%, 6 pounds would be 5%, and 3 pounds...2.5%.

So if you add her 10% + 2.5%, that gives her a "score" of 12.5.

Whereas, I lost 11% of my body weight, plus 2.8% body fat...a score of 13.8

So, then the question becomes is that even how they're going to figure it.  No real rules were ever published, and part 2, we still don't know if they are setting up Colorado vs. Nashville or a combined result.

So I have no idea.

But, I weighed in today at Weight Watchers, and...down another 2.4, putting me at 28.2 for the year.

Which means that my colleague can suck it.

No, she's really nice, but I need this more than she does.


I made a cake for the office tomorrow, and then tomorrow night we have a big old party.

And then, Easter Weekend.  I haven't packed, I haven't even given it much thought.

Tomorrow while I'm at work...I'll do some prep.

I hope.

And that, my friends, is that.

As soon as I have results, I'll be talking at you.


PS - If I do win some money, I'm thinking of buying a series of Boot Camp sessions.  Or paying down the new mattress.  Either would be awesome.