Post Scrip(t)

1.  Lola does not appear to have vomited in my absence today.  However, when I took her out tonight she ate a bunch of grass, and has no apparent interest in dinner.

2.  I lost 1.6 pounds this week, and now 0.2 is all that stands between me and 30 pounds.  BOOM!

3.  I really wish Lola would attempt some supper.  I am contemplating making her some broth...

4.  Is there anything more worrisome than a sickly pet?  No.

5.  At the time I left the office, the bathroom signs were still in play.

6.  Maybe she'd like some boiled chicken?  Sigh, I haven't even made my own dinner.


Sending good thoughts your way. A sick pet is never fun. At least a kid can tell you what's wrong - that confused look on a dog's face when it's miserable and can't say why is heartbreaking.