Quit stalling!

Good news.  Lola’s puking streak ended with breakfast this morning, unless I left and she promptly vomited.  Time will tell.  As it happens, the vet called, and I was wrong – she finally qualifies, albeit barely, in the spectrum of hypothyroidism.  Medication is forthcoming.

And the meds should make her more comfortable. So that’s good.

Tonight is another weigh in.  Could today be the day I hit 30 pounds?  I’ll know in 2 hours.  My scale at home has been all over the place – which is indicative of the fact that I have had an up/down kind of week.  Still, I’d be surprised with anything but a loss, even a smallish one.  It would take 1.8 to hit 30, and that’s asking A LOT.

But, whatever.

The powers that be here at the office still haven’t disclosed the winners of the Fitness Challenge.  It bothers me.  Constantly.  And I’m not the only one – you hear a lot of low-grade griping from those of us who want some money for our efforts.  So, we wait.

I finally got fed up with another issue here at the office.  There’s a female using the bathrooms who is neglecting to flush, and it’s nasty. I put up signs at each set of sinks that reminds ladies to flush – as we all have “enough $#!% to deal with”.

They’re still up there.  For now.

I’ll keep you posted on Lola’s health and my tale of the scale…