Nerfs of Steel

Weigh in tomorrow, and what else is new?  I have concerns.

The scale isn't showing me any love, or progress.  So, either I didn't lose, or the scale at the house is fucking with me.

And worse...I'm HUNGRY.  But afraid to eat because, I don't want a gain...

Which is the dumbest thing I've ever written.  Trust me, I know it.

So, awesome.

I planted my morning glories this evening.  Every time I plant them, I worry that they won't come up. And then they do!  Miraculous!  Well, except that...THEY'RE WEEDS!!!!

Really - they grow wild!  Last year, I didn't even plant morning glories and they came up.  So yeah.

This year, though I have a new variety, and we'll see - they're going to be pretty, if in fact they come up.

These are called Sunrise Serenade.  And I'm stoked.

You want more interesting info about morning glories?  Here.  It's recommended that you weaken the hard coating of the seed before planting - which can be done by soaking in water overnight - which is the easy way but requires you to...plan ahead.

No thanks, I go the other route.  Roughing the seeds up with sandpaper.

Yep, my nails look like shit, but the glories are planted.

Also, and finally - did you know that the British use the phrase Morning Glory where Americans would say Morning Wood?  Now you do.

Rule, Britannia!