The kind of help we all can do without.

Great weekend.  Friday we went to a hockey game, the Preds won, they scored 4, so we get a free Frosty (which I will not be cashing in on).  We went bowling Saturday night, and I actually beat Matt once.  Sunday, we bought a new bed.   It looks like this:

Which is huge.  It arrives, along with a new mattress, on Saturday.  I can’t wait.  Seriously.  Memory foam, people.  FOAMY GOOD!!

And speaking of advanced polymers, I learned the hard way that you shouldn’t use a Magic Eraser to get paint off your arm.  I’ll spare you pictures, but Google it and you’ll get the general idea.  Which is that I’m a f***ing idiot.  Good news,  a full recovery is expected.  And I won’t do that again.

I went out for lunch today, because I needed to get bananas, tortillas and dog food.  I went to WalMart.  I also picked up lunch at Chick-Fil-A.  Since I was tired of the grilled sandwich, I got an 8 piece nugget instead.  One point higher.

I have been so sick ever since.  So sick.  QUEASY. 

Grease and I have to part company.  Forever.   

Zumba tonight.  The weather may or may not cooperate, but I have to get moving.  I have to.  It doesn’t hurt that I like some of my classmates, and the instructor is… well, she’s not Jessica, but then Jessica wasn’t Cacilda.  I still miss Cacilda.  But, the need to dance isn’t limited to a single instructor.

I’m starting to get excited about Easter.  I’ve ordered a few surprises for a few people.  That’s all I can say for now.    My own surprise to myself is going to be bedding.  Shhh.  Don’t tell.

I may hit that elusive 25 pound mark this week.  I’ve done well.  Not perfect, but better than last week, for sure.  I have to say that my cravings for salt and sweets are battling it out in an epic way.  Chocolate covered pretzels?  Cheez Doodles and fondue?

Or fruits and vegetables.

Hmm.  Well, no more nuggets – they look harmless, but they aren’t.

Death Nuggets, With Evil Sauce

Kind of like Magic Erasers.

Tiny, powerful...disfiguring



Erika said…
One time we tried to clean hair dye off Dylan's forehead with Magic Eraser. Big mistake. There were tears.