Hippity Hoppity

I had a wonderful Easter.  We went to the mountains with Mom, Dad and their pugs.

Lola is getting old, friends.  Her blood test results weren't exemplary.  Basically, her liver enzymes are elevated, which could mean any number of things - a growth, or something pressing on it, or trauma.

So the vet suggested when we redo her heart ultrasound/sonogram this summer, we check the liver as well.

We're also waiting for results on a thyroid test they added to her panel.  This will be at least the 3rd time we'll have tested her thyroid.  And while I know it would be easier for the vet if she had hypothyroidism, I'm betting she doesn't.   

I think she's getting old. 

Lola and Maggie, the elder pug had a little altercation this morning, but that was it as far as family drama.  

Mom admitted that Lola snarled at her when she tried to get into our car with Matt on Friday to go to the mountains.

Lola, in my opinion, doesn't have a mean bone in her body.  I think she gets disoriented, and she gets protective of her space.

I don't believe she feels especially good.  She sleeps a lot, moves slowly and tentatively.  She didn't spend much time chasing tennis balls this weekend - she wore out pretty quickly.  I took her out on the Rhino, though - she caught the scent of something and perked up.

She eats pretty well, but slowly.  She did vomit on Saturday morning - but I blame the food I gave her - it had been in the trunk a bit longer than I thought.

So I don't know.  I asked Mom for her honest assessment.

Mom said, "I think she's failing".

Which is about as honest as it gets.  Dad and I talked about it too.  He understands I'll miss her but that I have to remember that death is a part of life.  I think we may have been having that conversation for a broader purpose.

Well, we'll see what the thyroid test has to tell us.  I'll get her back onto the cardiac meds, after a hiatus longer than I care to explain because I couldn't get my shit together to get to the vet for refills.

Happy Easter.  Really cheerful, I know.