Here's the Wind-Up...

I came up with a new idea for a reality show.  Now, if you’re somehow connected with Style Network, hit me up – we can make this happen. 

So here it is.

I’ve been working on a catchy name – I’m thinking “Crimes of Fashion”.

A van, marked “Fashion Police” pulls up at, for example, an office building -and 5 "Style Mavens" jump out and descend on the location, SWAT style.  They do a line up the workers in the office and each maven selects one person who needs help.  Man or woman, old or young.  We get some mug shots with a list of their offenses (ie, Assault with an Ugly Pattern, Misappropriation of Hairspray, Failure to Control Visible Panty Line).  They “arrest”  the five suspects and load them into the van.  From there, they have that day to get them a new cute outfit, new hair, some skin tips.  Then they return them to a happy hour reveal with the rest of their work-mates.

They could hit up a college dorm, or a Book Club or any group of people who already know each other and have a rapport – that makes the quick turn on the reveal possible.

Low budget, high entertainment.

And, you know – one outfit, a little hair – can be the nudge that the challenged individual needs to get a step in the right direction.

Call me, Hollywood.