Be kind to your web-footed friend...

Our new bed arrived today, and we both took a long Tempurpedic nap.  I have to say, I like it.

Aside from the comfort, the thing is just damn beautiful.  I'll take pictures once we have the whole room squared away.

This week is going to kick my ass.  I have dinner Monday night with some of my teammates.  The boss and her boss will be there as well.  What to wear, what to wear?  Dinner itself is at Bonefish Grill, and so I'll get my fish on.  Which is good because the next day I get to weigh in for the fitness challenge.  Aww, yeah.

Then we have an company meeting on Wednesday, followed by my real weigh-in.  Awesome.

Thursday night, I have the company Anniversary Party, and on Friday, no work, but that's when the real work begins.  Hippity Hoppity - Easter's on its way.

So tomorrow,  I need to start prepping.   Lots to do.

Lola had her annual exam today - and she has an essentially clean bill of health.  Her heart murmur is maybe a little louder, so they want to repeat her sonogram in November.   But, they did some blood work, aspirated a fatty lump to make sure it was just fat (it was), checked her out, took some of my hard-earned money, and sent me on my way.  Is it selfish to hope the blood tests come out OK?  I love my beast, and I've been attentive to her medical needs, but she feels fine.  She eats, drinks, pees and poops as expected.  She barks at strangers, loves a good tennis ball, rolls around in the grass and is always happy to see me and Matt when we get home.

What more could I ask?  Nothing.

And she's twelve.  Her life span is finite.   I'm not going to let her suffer, but I also can't imagine there's much more I can do to prolong her time on this planet.

So.  There's that.

Another hapless robin has built a nest in the eaves our front porch.  It's a great nest.  I've seen her on it twice, and since then, nothing.  I have to wonder if we spooked her with our bed delivery today.

Well, if so...  free nest!

Tomorrow I'm going to hit the Y, even if it means I'm just getting on an elliptical.  I missed Aqua Fit today, and thanks to my company, I'll be missing Monday Zumba.

I need to win that fitness challenge.  Momma needs a new pair of shoes.

Literally.  I threw on my tennis shoes today, and they STINK.  I don't know why - my feet are like little daisies.


OK then.  Good night.