All the Marbles

Today is the big Fitness Challenge Weigh In at work.  Which, since I haven't hit the scale there since January, is sure to be affirming.

But, it's the results that will be used to pick a winner, and I want to be that winner.  Badly.  I may have competition in Colorado.  A woman named Lori, who is not a big girl to begin with has lost a few undisclosed pounds. But it's percentages that matter, and I've hit that 10% mark, so...

I keep trying to pretend it doesn't matter, but it totally does.

Last night didn't help.  The boss' boss took the team to dinner at Bonefish Grill - they did a small plates tasting menu, so while I didn't eat a lot of anything, I had a little of everything.  And paid for it with indigestion.

Still, the overall trend from January is down.

I'll post again after the weigh-in with the tale of the tape.  A winner may not be announced today, but you can bet I'll stay on top of it.