World of laughter, world of tears

I was getting on the elevator at work Friday, and this guy said to me, "Did you grow up in North Point?"  Well, that was my subdivision, so I said that yes I did - and as it turns out, he did too.  We introduced ourselves and chatted til we got to my floor.  He lives in Franklin - right near the office.  His sister was my age, and I believe he and Laura were the same age.  But still, what are the odds?  I probably never spoke a dozen words to that guy in my life.  His sister and I knew each other, but weren't friends - we never had any classes together.

And yet, 250 miles from North Point Subdivision, in an office building on a random Friday, old neighbors connected.

It's a small world, after all.

This morning, I got up and did Aquafit - and decided to stick around to do the 9:30 Zumba.  My friend from Mondays, Susanna, was there - and another girl from our Monday night was there too - we all started talking, and it turns out her name is...Susanna.  Really?  Really.  We were discussing the instructor situation - our instructor Jessica has given up the Monday night class, and Carrie has taken her place.  We like her so far, but Carrie's background is more hip-hop and Jessica's was more ballet - at least, that is how I'd explain it.  The jury is out on Carrie.   I like her, but she's not Jessica.  But then

Still, I got quite a workout.  The bad news is that I was totally worthless the rest of the day.  Which, actually, is fine.

I bought some new bras yesterday - they're ugly, but man, do they do the job.  I'm front and centered and looking good.  I also picked up two new lipsticks.  Fancy.

I couldn't get over myself in the mirror at Zumba this morning.  Even with an old crappy bra, plus a baggy t shirt, and some voluminous yoga pants, I looked good.  I was wearing one of my bandanas that had a ganja leaf on it - Mom and Dad brought it to me from Jamaica.  Yeah, that might not have been YMCA appropriate.

I'm traveling to Houston Monday evening, back 24 hours later.  And then, lucky me - I have customers in house Wednesday.  Sounds like I'll earn my keep this week.

We have a trip to the mountains for work day coming up.  I can't wait.  I need the fresh air, the hard work and maybe even a cold beer.  Lola needs to harass the pugs a little, and Matt needs a break from technology.

We all have needs, people.  Needs!

Tomorrow, I have to prep for my Houston trip.  I would like to grab a new blouse for the trip.  I would like a lot of things.  But that is neither here nor there.  I haven't decided on what to wear when.  It sucks have clients in without a lot of clothes that fit right, work for the season, etc.

I guess there are worse problems to have.

Maybe I'll remember to bring my camera to Houston and share a few thoughts from there.