Wins Day

Good news - whether it was the Gastric Explosion Tea, or the strict adherence to diet, or just damn good lunar tides - I lost the .2 from last week, and another 1.8 to go with it.

For a grand total of 19.8 unwanted, unneeded pounds gone.


Ok, so I have to kill it this weekend so that next week, I can report a 20 pound goal, signed sealed and delivered.

Meanwhile - there's this guy in our group - new to the group, but not the program. He keeps saying, "Well, it's just portion control and exercise - it's really simple." Really, asshole? You get 45 points a day and your wife does all the cooking. He's about 60, looks kind of like Alan Alda. And when he pipes in with his Captain Obvious bullshit, it's all I can do to keep from saying, "Shut your damn mouth Hawkeye and let the women talk."

Weight Watchers does a fine job of giving you many, many of the tools you need to succeed from a mechanics standpoint. But it's the emotional tools where I think they fall short. Like how to deal with know-it-alls. Just for instance.

So, with that out of the way, tomorrow, allegedly, is my review.

And I assure you, I'll make that happen if it kills me.

Tomorrow is also St. Patrick's Day. I have nothing to wear, but what else is new? I am neither Irish, nor Catholic. I did make a funny in my meeting tonight - I told them that green beer has no more fiber than that which hasn't been dyed.

And really, beyond that, there's not much to say.

Matt's got Raiders of the Lost Ark playing. I need to be folding laundry, but of course, it's critical that I get all the minutiae of my days written, so that years from now, when I'm famous, you'll know that I used to do laundry, just like everyone else.