Stuck (Up)

So, I've been challenged a bit in the past few days with dining out. I had lunch at Mexicali with the new boss and several teammates on Thursday, then had dinner that night at Jason's Deli, followed by dinner last night at Calypso Cafe, and finally lunch this afternoon at La Hacienda.

And the fact is, none of those meals were overly unhealthy. Twice I had Mexican and didn't touch the chips and salsa.

But, I've been hitting the scales, daily, which I know I ought not do - and yet, I do anyway. They don't seem to be moving. Up, or, more importantly, down.

Am I stuck? Am I destined to gain again?

Part of the problem is that I'm a little bloaty/constipated. I'm considering getting a good Dieters Tea, which is said to have cleansing (read: diuretic and laxative) properties, and it can't hurt... we all know, I'm eating plenty of fiber, drinking my water. Maybe I need some of Jamie Lee Curtis' special yogurt.

So now that you know aaaall about what condition my condition is in (yeah, yeah oooohhhh yeaaaaaah), let's talk about the other part of my two-pronged approach to getting healthy.

And I'm not talking lipo (this time). It's exercise, sillies! I went to Water Aerobics, and I have to be honest - Alena didn't work us hard enough. On the upside, I ran into my neighbor there. And she has lost a ton of weight. I wanted to ask lots of questions - but she was still wrapped in a towel in the locker room. But I've decided, from now on, I need to follow up my 8AM Aqua with the 9:30AM Zumba. No excuses.

And I need to step it up. I know this. I did take my beast for a walk after I got home. Only a few minutes, but I enjoyed checking out the neighborhood on the cusp of Spring.

I dropped Lola off and spent the rest of the afternoon finding costumes with Matt. We're going to an 80's party next weekend. I was able to score a acid-washed jean skirt and a hot pink blazer. Matt found the hat, shirt and assorted props he'll need for his ensemble, and we're close to where we need to be.

It's good, it's all good.

Tomorrow, an ass-kicking Zumba at Maryland Farms Y. Unless I find something else to kill me softly. Even though I want a harder workout, my ankles and knees have their limits.

Sweet Dreams - don't forget to Spring Forward.