Once more, with feeling.

I started this blog back in April 2008 when dad was hospitalized, just before, unbeknownst to me, he would code twice, then beknownst to me and everyone else, get rushed into quadruple bypass surgery.

Well, he's back at St. Joe's.  He went to the ER complaining of hematuria (peeing blood) and they learned that his Coumadin and creatinine levels were elevated.  And so now, he's admitted and cold chillin' on the 4th Floor.  I am wondering if he'll be there long enough to send flowers.

Because, naturally, I'm getting on a plane for Houston tomorrow - training a customer, grinning like a moron, down in the tunnel tryin' to make it pay (dire straits, indeed).

And Wednesday, I'll be back in Nashville with an on-site customer, doing the same.  Now, in theory, Thursday and Friday could be done from Atlanta if I need to get down there and whatnot.

I think, I hope - this is just another bump in a long road with intermittent bumps.

And now, if you'll excuse me, I need to sign out and seek out some Pepperidge Farm Brussels - their texture relieves stress in the nicest way.

Whereas in 2008, I was seeking out a peanut butter fudge shake.  I wouldn't mind that either.

But in lieu of either, we have oranges.

And pudding.

I'll keep you posted.



I'm enjoying your blog - you're funny and honest and very human. Hope your dad is OK.