Oh, that's not good...

I just finished making a cake, and I have to be honest, some batter made it into my mouth.

Which means I'm going to have a rough weekend trying to avoid the pitfalls of cake, birthday party food, chicken biscuits and so on.

I may have to get into the Gastric Explosion Tea, and eat some sandpaper to boot.

Ok - one dip into cake batter isn't failure.

I had a good talk with my father today, during which I said to him, "I can't control what food is put in front of me this weekend, but I can control what I put in my mouth."

And then I ate about a half cup of cake batter.

Of course dinner was steamed chick/shrimp and veg from the Chinese place next to Kroger. It wasn't very filling. Actually, it was filling, just not satisfying. Whereas the cake batter just makes me feel vaguely sick.

But now, I have to pack, launder and shave legs before I fall into bed.

Oh, and take a cake out of the oven.

The good news? I'm not craving cake any more.