I'll tell you.

So, another loss this week, but since I’ve been so boring and single-minded about weight-loss for six weeks, I’ll throw you a bone by way of a blog post about something other than FOOD/BODY/FITNESS.

Can I do it?  Ehhh, I’ll try.

I’ve been having a pretty strong case of the wants this week.  Which isn’t easy, because the fine line between want and need can blur, easily.

For instance:  do I need new bras?  Or do I just want them?  Well I definitely want them.  I would like some that pull  everything front and center, because at the moment, I’m dealing with low-hanging chest fruit.  Or as Matt like to say, chesticles.

Yeah, folks, it’s only going to devolve from here, so sign out now if you must.

Point being, due to recent changes in my shape (which I know, we’re not going to talk about)  some new bras wouldn’t be a bad idea.  But I don’t want to invest heavily, since they too will become ill-fitting in another quarter.

So, perhaps I get a few cheaper, sturdy, serviceable models from Wally World, call it a week, and consider making  a trip to Intimacy part of the final celebration.

I also want some new lipstick.  And that’s pure want.  But as it happens, this past weekend I wore a much, much lighter shade than I normally do, and Matt commented favorably on it.  I initially disagreed, but as time went on, I realized it did make me look younger than the dark, dramatic colors.   And as you probably know, I’m prone to looking a little clown-mouthy with the darker colors.  Why so serious?  But yes, a few new (cheap) lipsticks in a lighter, neutral shade might be a good investment in my future.

I want to get my eyes checked because I’m afraid I need new specs.  I’m not about to go all Mary Ingalls on you, don’t fear that – but things aren’t as sharp as they once were.  Isn’t that the overriding metaphor, though?

Let’s see.  I want to rent a pressure washer, and kill the house with kindness.  Once it’s beaten into a clean submission, I want to repaint the trim.  White, with the porch and shutters a nice blue.

And I want to refinish the table next to our front door, and I’d like a new platform storage bed and mattress for downstairs.

But, you know – other than that not much.

In other news, I’m making friends.   As it turns out, I’m starting, finally, at the tender age of 36 to find my voice and grow into my personality, and as it turns out, I like me.  Which, let’s face it – beats a lot of alternative

And in other other news – the weather here in Music City has been phenomenal the past few days, and then today, apropos of nothing, the temps dropped markedly.  Markedly.  And it sucks.  I am just ready to crawl into bed and sleep til it gets warmer.

And since I’m headed to Houston next week, that ought to do it.

More soon.

And that is how you write a non-food, non-body image post.

Sort of.