More, more, more....

Today is Mardi Gras. Fat Tuesday for those of you who don't speak frog.

I was really jonesing for cake today. King's Cake, sure - but really, any cake - or bear claws, or doughmuts. Cinnamon rolls.

I ate right, though - small breakfast, healthy lunch, fruit, fruit, veggies... and for dinner, a healthy version of Red Beans and Rice. With chicken andouille sausage. Which I tracked and portioned sensibly.

I want more.

I want pimiento cheese on crappy, nutritionally-bereft white bread, a bag of Cheetos, a chocolate milk and some warm pound cake. Oh, and bacon. I want bacon. Basically, I want fat, salt, sugar and white flour in vast quantities.


I'm once again concerned that I'll weigh in with a gain this week. After such a heady, freaktastic weigh-in last week, it would serve me right. But I was totally good this week. I ate within points, I exercised, I drank water. I said no to pizza, pastries and bar food.

And I didn't get a King's Cake.

But, I feel good, and I got raves from near-strangers at Zumba last night.

And isn't that sweeter and more satisfying that pound cake?


But, OK. I will survive.