Do the tighten up...

So, for dinner, I followed a recipe I found online (ok, ok - The Pioneer Woman, dammit), and I may have gone a little heavy on the soy sauce... How do I know?  My rings aren't sliding around like they have been.  Salt is the new sugar, but I need to watch it.

And that means tomorrow, I need to hydrate like it's going out of style.  No point in pushing fluids now and staying up to pee all night.  Recreational peeing ain't what it used to be.

I'm planning to head over to the Y tomorrow for some recreational water aerobics.  I could, if so inclined, stay and double up - Zumba with Lorenza.  I get annoyed with her classes though.  Too crowded, too cutthroat, and frankly, more basketball warm-up drills than dance.  I need to find more classes.

Meanwhile, I cannot breathe out of my right nostril.  I might want to grab my neti pot and waterboard for a few minutes.  Maybe I can divest of some salt that way, too.

Given that it's Friday, another week has come and gone in the office.  I had my lunch with the boss, trained a few customers and mostly kept my head down.

I also read an article of office etiquette that said wearing headphones was a no-no.  I've put mine in the drawer, and it's just as well, honestly.  I don't think that Pandora is giving me what I need, musically, and that ends up making me more agitated that anything.  And I think we all know, agitation is the last thing I need.

Because let's face it, medicating with sugar is out, and clearly, woman cannot live on soy sauce alone.  Or, at all.

And finally... something is in the air, and it's making my nose feel like it's full of live caterpillars.

Actually, I kind feel like I have live caterpillars crawling over my nerves.

On the upside, I stopped at Dunkin this morning for iced coffee with skim, and I did not even entertain the thought of getting a doughnut.  They didn't smell good, they weren't in any way appealing.

But I could go for some hot wings.  And a bowl of mashed potatoes.  And some mac and cheese.

Really, though - the diet's going great.

And so, we march forth, on March 4th.