Dig this...

This weekend has been a challenge, in terms of food and whatnot.

It thus far appears that I was able to hydrate and divest of the sodium overload from our Friday night Soy Extravaganza.  

I did go to my Saturday morning Water Aerobics class, and great luck - the regular teacher wasn't there.  Her sub was a woman named either Kelly or Julie - I can't ever hear in the pool because the acoustics are crap.  But KelJulie is this tiny little triathletic looking woman who constantly barks out directions and pushes us through the hour.  She is not into idle chatter, and honestly, she's great.  The little old ladies who come and want to gossip get a little riled, but so be it.

Also, there's this one lady who's there every week and seems to be hell-bent on not getting her hair wet.  Really?  Either get a bathing cap or try Yoga.  Because you're cheating yourself, and it really makes me want splash you.  Plus, you don't really have a cute hairstyle you're preserving or anything.  And while the cut of your swimsuit is fine, the beige/gray color combo washes you out.  Not flattering.

So, I did housework, all that good stuff, and Saturday night rolled around.  Matt decided he wanted pizza - well he's flat worn out, and it meant not cooking, so I planned for it.  And then I got a message from an old high school/college friend wanting to meet up.  Matt was out, but I figured why not?  So Matt got his Mellow Mushroom House Pie (OMFG, it smelled like heaven), and I got to leave the house and not be around it.

I ate a small, less damaging dinner before I left, and when I got to the bar, I drank Diet Coke and didn't even glance at the cheese fries, hot wings, nachos or burgers on the menu.  My friend had a Beam and Coke and cheeseburger.  I wasn't even jealous.  I just amused him with a few stories of my life in Nashville, caught up on his life in Atlanta, and I left.  Actually, he was kind of quiet, so I burned a lot calories playing jester.  Damn, it's exhausting to be amusing!

Since I had enough PointsPlus(tm) left over, I had a Morningstar Tofu Corn Dog - and it was delicious.

I didn't even pick a stray olive out of the pizza box.

I didn't succumb to the pizza at breakfast, either.

And that brings me to this afternoon.  My husband has a cousin whose daughter is in grad school here - she and her Mom (who was in town for the weekend) invited us to meet up at Fido, coffee shop of coffee shops for a little get together.  Well, Fido has not only some lovely coffee drinks - The Milk Bone, The Rolo(ver), The Pink Poodle - but they have better than average pastries.  Today, I passed up a handful of layer cakes, cheesecakes and cookies, and settled on a non-fat latte.  With Splenda.   My companions put together may weigh what I do, solo.   They had some sort of caramelly, macchiato-y drink and a cookie.  Jealous, but victorious.

I came home and had a light dinner, and I have some points left.  Matt has some ice cream in the freezer - half-fat.  I don't know - it's coffee/brownie... I may do better to eat a pudding and walk away.

Irma, whose real name I may reveal some day after my harsh words over her cat sweaters die down, said the other week that having food issues is like having a tiger in a cage that you have to take out and walk three times a day.

Or more.

But I'd say I handled my tiger this weekend.

And with that, I'm going to have my last points of the day and call it a night.