Cheesecake, of a sort.

So, as I believe I’ve mentioned, part of my desire to do well on this whole healthy journey is because, at the moment, we’re engaged in a challenge at work – a Fitness Challenge.  And the winners could, if they play it right, get some money.  Well, my two male colleagues, C and P are basically melting away, and it pisses me off.  They’ve also basically decided to hone in one each other as their primary competitor.

They’ve talked about sabotaging each other, but today, P brought it up a notch.  Here are two photos he sent to C and copied me on:




Unknown said…
This 'P' is clearly a genius, not to mention fantastic cook. I do hope he wins the challenge.
ae said…
Oh, Paul, er, uh -"P" is too clever by half and I'm drawn to him like moth to a flame.

He and are going to win the challenge then go shopping for new clothes.