Ain't that a shame!

1. I tried Dieter Cleanse Tea. Won't be doing that again. Made it home, barely. I do at least feel cleansed. Lighter? We'll see tomorrow afternoon. We'll never speak of it again after that. It was gross.

2. My ex-boss blew my review off Monday. And today. And he's out tomorrow. I confronted him and told him it wasn't OK. And he said his head wasn't in the game and he didn't want to do a half-assed job. I am holding him to 8AM Thursday. We'll see. I'm angry, but I at least let him know he's a disappointing failure (or, implied it mildly), so I feel better about that.

3. My new boss is off-site this week. She'll be on Spring Break with the kids next week. I'm not getting a lot of nurturing.

4. I was complaining about this to my colleague, and he suggested I take some "Allison time". I don't even know how, and that's shitty. I used to sub out food, but now that I don't have that... hot baths don't really cut it, I don't need a mani or pedi right now, and the short-term thrill of an eyebrow wax... meh.

5. I'm going to go buy a whip.

I can't give unlimited detail on everything, can I? Photos soon.