Tender Loving Crudites

I went to see my parents this weekend.  Sans spouse because frankly, he needed a weekend of nice weather to go biking, chillax and such.  And originally, I was set to have a three day weekend - President's Day, and all, but the powers that be decided to have Support work that day.

I hear you saying, "But Allison - you're not Support any more."  And that's correct - however, I was when the edict was handed down, and I got scheduled to train Monday, and you know me - I'm not one to shirk work.

The good news is, we'll have the place to ourselves.  I'm wearing jeans, dammit.  And we're ordering BBQ and since I'm feeling a little nostalgia, I am planning to give myself a send-off by bringing either doughnuts or Chicken Biscuits.  With the latter, once they're gone, I'm not tempted to sneak over and polish off a dark-chocolate filled.  I know.  I know.

In the afternoon, I'm going to the doctor to have this cyst on my head looked at.  Because I can, and because, of course, I need to.  Badly.

Ok, but back to the original purpose of my writing today - visiting Mom and Dad.

I got into the ATL around 11PM and hung out with them until Bill Maher was over.   We talked a little then went to bed.

We slept in.  Way in.  It was fucking great.

After a leisurely breakfast, we headed to The Dump - which is a furniture store roughly the size of a Costco.  It's actually an old Home Depot they made over  - we looked at sofas, chairs, etc.  Fun.  Then we went to the new Home Depot they built to replace the one taken over by The Dump.  I got a few counter top brochures, looked at cabinets, sinks and fixtures with my parents.  Then, in celebration of their 41st anniversary, I took them to lunch at a small Cuban place.  I had fish, beans and rice.  Dad had Arroz con Pollo, and Mom opted for fajitas, which actually, looked great.  I avoided the roll, left half my rice and all but a cup of beans - which, incidentally, were amazing.

We went home, took the pugs out, then Mom and I headed to the nail salon for pedicures.  Mom went with Bastille My Heart (the bottle I gave her at Christmas), and I used A Oui Bit of Red.  We both got the sugar scrub and hot towels.

Apres pedis, we picked up a few things to make dinner, and Mom, Dad and I put together the vegetable lasagna recipe from the January Southern Living.  Excellent.  Worth every point.  Seven per serving and I had two.

We watched Pulp Fiction after dinner and then crashed.

We slept in again this morning.   After breakfast, Mom and I ran a fun errand to Walgreen's and went to Macy's.  I bought a twinset and instead of paying me for groceries from the day before, Mom got me a shirt we both really liked.

And we came home, ate some tuna salad, a little Jamaican hard dough bread - and I visited a little longer,  then I packed my bags, kissed the pugs and the parents and came home.

After the week from hell last week, and all the turbulence that will probably unfold this week, I think the restorative Atlanta time did me a world of good.  And the reference to crudites from the title?  In preparation for my arrival, Dad hooked me up for my diet by cutting a ton of fresh crudites.  Celery, carrots and radishes.

Aaaand, they both can tell I'm down some.  Which is very, very good.

More to come, very likely.