Disco Neck Ted

So, tonight I weigh in, again.  If my home scales don't betray me, it should be good.  And if it's not, get ready for me to fall out on the floor of the Weight Watcher Center.

What can I say?  I'm a little fragile at the moment.

On Friday, I moved a row over from my old team.  I still have J - and for that, let us all give thanks.

But I miss my old comrades.  They're over there laughing and joyful, and I am here cranky and blue.  And lonely.

I bought myself a pair of earbuds from Skull Candy - and I spent the day trying to listen to Pandora -show tunes, but alas, I felt more irritated than soothed.  Genome mapping, my ass.  I mean, really, how many songs can they play from A Chorus Line that aren't Dance 10, Looks 3?  Plenty.  And they played Nothing twice.  F you, Pandora.

At least the earbuds are cute.

Meanwhile, the bump on my head is now a deflated scab.  Aren't you glad I mentioned it?

I'm hungry, and I'm chewing gum like a maniac, and I've nabbed my lip thrice today.  Yeah, I'm very, very hungry.  Damn it.

But because I care about you - I'm passing along a sweet video - Melanie Hutsell, formerly of SNL as Paula Deen.  With Paula Deen.  Be prepared to laugh.

And don't forget your cherry!

I'll be checking in with the Tale of the Scale, plus a new installment of What Irma Wore, later tonight.



Down 2.2 pounds for a total of 14!!!! I officially hit 5% today - and don't try the math- I did NOT repeat NOT start at 280 pounds.

Also, Irma wore her damn Let It Snow sweater AGAIN.  Really?  Girlfriend needs a tip jar, and I'll throw a $50 in towards a trip to Talbots, or hell, JCP.

That said, I'm warming to my group.  We're wacky but friendly.

Peace, y'all.