Didn't actually think of that...

So today, they lanced the cyst on my head.  And it now kind of hurts.  The lidocaine, which hurt a lot when they did it, is starting to wear off.

No Zumba tonight, which never occurred to me - but the nurse said no way, no how.  She actually seemed to know more than the doctor.  God help me.

Anyway, they left it open, and packed it to drain, which it is now doing.  But that meant putting dressing on it.

And that meant wrapping my head like a mummy.

Which lasted five minutes before sliding off my round head in the car.

So I stopped at Walgreen's for more gauze and got a few soft wide fabric headbands to keep gauze attached to head.   Then got gas, went to Kroger and got some groceries and a doo-rag.  I could tell the cashier, a black guy, was a little surprised to see me buying ethnic hair products, but desperate times, desperate measures.

Now I'm at the house with a black headband securing a 4x4 pad to the draining incision on my head.  The good news is, no antibiotics, yet.  The bad news...I have to go to work tomorrow with a bloody, draining scalp  - and figure out a way to cover and dress it without wearing a dumb headband or $1 doo-rag.

If only my burqa weren't at the cleaners.

Speaking of - have you seen the burqinis?  Burqa inspired swimwear.  Love it:


Oh, and fuck...what am I going to wear tomorrow?

Something that looks ok stained with blood, right?

All for a lousy cyst.